The new Solatube in our bathroom and living room are awesome. It is amazing the difference they make in each room.I wondered if I would be as pleased with these two as I am with the one in my kitchen installed in 2010. I am and maybe even more so. Thank you Jim, Ann

Here I'm writing you within our first two days of having our new Solatube. The instant I saw how well it illuminated our once dark hallway, I knew we'd made the right decision. Our days will be much brighter. Thank you for your excellent, professional service. Campbell

We love the Solatube. On sunny days the kitchen lights do not even get turned on. On cloudy days, we do not use the lights until later in the evening when the sun is almost setting. We can't wait to see what the short dark days of winter will be like. Darrell and Martha

Excellent light to a previous dark stairway. Professional service and installation. Thanks, David

Did a great job and we would recommend your product and service to anyone. Cathy and Bob

I had a very positive experience with Transitions Inc. and Solatube. I love the light it brings to my kitchen! Service was excellent with Transitions, always communicated, and did as they promised. Susan H

Thanks for bringing "Heavenly Light" into my home again. Peace and Love Arturo

Thanks for your great work! We still love our Solatube! Pier M

I want to thank you for installing my Solatube so quickly and professionally. I haven't had any problem with the two Solatubes and the one Solatube you installed a couple of years ago. Your work is "top notch". I will recommend you and your business to any and everyone. Thanks again. Frances S.

I LOVE my Solatubes. It's made a terrific difference in my life. Now I enjoy many hours a day in my bright kitchen. It was so dark and gloomy before. I keep telling other friends with Multiple Sclerosis about it because they too are stuck inside so much of the time. Thank you. Thank you, Mary

We are very happy with our skylights and the attic fan. Eldon T

Just wanted t let you know how much we are enjoying our solar light that you put in our kitchen. Thanks for doing a great job. I know it is a hard job. I'm sure we will enjoy it for many years. Thanks again, Ron and Sandy B

We really enjoy the Solatube skylight we have had no problems with your installation. The Solatube skylight is a great asset to our home. Thanks for the quality service and product. We discussed the Solar Star attic vent but made no decision. We have an electric fan that does not work. Please email updates or specials for fans. Thanks Neale R

Thank you for the great product and great service. The Solatube lights are performing better than I expected. I get great quality of light in my master bath and walk-in closet without using any electricity. I'm still trying to turn off the switch every time I leave the room- it's that good! Beth, Lexington

The Solatube is outstanding!  Love the light it brings to our home. Thanks so much Chris and Elizabeth

I love my Solatube! We installed one 14" tube in my kitchen/dining area which used to be like a cave. Now I rarely have to turn any lights on. Unlike before the Solatube, I always had to have lights on even on the sunniest days. Jim was also a pleasure to work with and very professional. Simone M

We love our skylights! Even with the ever cloudy and overcast weather we had most of December, our family room was brighter. Now that the sun has been shining more, the room is bathed in sunlight! We love it! Thank you also for your throughness in cleaning up. Debbie and Terry B

Love my light in the kitchen and would love to have another one in the kitchen and one in the dining room. But for now we'll just do another one in the hallway. See you in a week or two. Melanie

Thank you for an awesome experience. We had three Solatubes installed in August and love the results.  One in each bathroom and a 14" in the family room. We've already referred a couple of friends, one that has already installed. While the end product is super, the experience was also remarkable.  We love that ou were able to do all three in the same day and talked with us extensively about pros and cons of positioning.  Often we've found other contractors don't follow through.  You were a shining example of a person with high integrity and standards. Thank you. Van and Marcia

Your help from initial contact to answer questions through the entire installation was as good as anyone could want.  I will be pleased to give you any referrals I can. David

I had a very positive experience with Jim Klausing and Solatube. I love the light. The service was excellent with Transitions! Susan H. (Interior Designer) ~ Louisville, KY

We are so pleased with our new Solatube. It has made a HUGE difference in the kitchen. Awesome product. Mary and Larry

We are really happy with our new lights. It really changes those two rooms. Richard S. ~ Bloomington, IN.

The product ... was amazing.  The amount of light that is provides in a windowless room is phenomenal!  The installation could not have been performed in a more professional manner.  Stuart H. ~ Louisville, KY

I love my Solatube. I appreciated working with a man like Jim Klausing; I wish I had found a man like him to put the furnace in. I would recommend him to anyone.  Ann S. ~ Bedford, IN

My wife is very happy with our new Solatube & I am completely satisfied with your installation.  Your knowledge & willingness to answer my questions ... was a large part of my decision.  Gerald N. ~ Louisville, KY

It is amazing the difference in my kitchen.  We all love it.  Thank you for showing us “the light.”  Janie P. ~ Lexington, KY

We absolutely love our Solatube! Installation was perfect - no mess in the house and no leaks anywhere.  Pam H. ~ Middletown, KY

The solatube has been great. No problems. Thanks!  Pat S. ~ Mt. Washington, KY