Solatube Tubular Skylights: Let There Be Light In Every Room

The NEW Solatube 160 DS (10 in. diameter) and 290 DS (14 in. diameter) Daylighting Systems set performance standards never before seen!  These new models feature our patented Raybender® 3000 Technology as well as our LightTracker™ Reflectors to deliver an Effective Daylight Capture Surface (EDCS) that is much higher than our previous 10 and 14 inch Solatube models.  They also feature nearly double the EDCS of copycat products.  Solatube is highly effective and these models can transform dark interiors and bring light to larger spaces, using multiple units and creating a unique architectural effect.

Solatube is great for Bathrooms, Hallways, Utility Rooms, Dens, Home Offices, Kitches, Dining Rooms, and even Closets!

For fast and easy installation, Solatube® flashings are available for nearly all roof types and pitches. The flashings provide complete protection and create an attractive appearance on the roof. They’re fabricated as a single, seamless piece to ensure leak-proof performance. Pitched flashings provide the optimal position for the dome to capture daylight on sloped roofs

Solatube nightlight add on

Introducing a whole new twist on Solatube daylighting. Thinking inside the tube, we integrated a small solar-electric system that collects the sun's energy by day to power a NightLight that automatically comes on at dark. The soft glow, which mimics moonlight, means you don't have to turn on the lights for late night trips to the bathroom or to navigate hallways and stairs.

The best part? You can save a bundle. This new daylighting system, the Solatube ISn with Integrated Solar Electric NightLight, qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit on the entire cost of the system and installation. 

How Does It Work!

The Interior-mounted solar cells panel collects store the sun's energy to power a Smart NightLight that automatically comes on after dark. Specially designed fixture lenses then evenly disperse sunlight throughout your room, creating a beautiful, naturally lit space.

Solitude Nightlight

Solar Star: Keep Your Attic Cool For Free


Solar Star's Roof Mount Attic Fan is the Ideal Ventilation Solution
Solar Star, the leader in solar powered attic ventilation, brings you the most technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly, ventilation solution today. Best of all, Solar Star brings you the solutions that cost nothing to operate. Imagine the savings.

By placing the unit where it is most effective, the highest point on the roof, it can properly circulate air and ventilate your attic space, transforming your home into a comfortable living environment. Powered by Solar Star's proprietary 10-watt solar panel, this breakthrough product has been designed to last season after season.

Solar-Star Add-On Panel  - When continuous exposure to the sun is limited on your roof, the Solar Star Add-on Panel is the perfect solution to maximizing any Solar Star products operational time. 
Environmentally-friendly and wallet-conscious, these sleek inconspicuous panels are an ideal solution to east/west facing roof slopes, shadowing from trees and/or avoiding morning or afternoon shadowing from other structures or rooftop equipment.

How Solar Star fights heat and moisture.