Transitions owner Jim Klausing is in his 19th year of installing Solaube products.  With over 4000 Solatube installations performed, he is in an elite group worldwide.  Having installed in five states, his main focus is Kentucky and southern Indiana.  A native of Louisville and twenty five year resident of Lexington, he knows the state.  A graduate of the University of Kentucky with a busineess degree, Mr. Klausing is no stranger to the Solar industry.  In the 1980s he began installing active solar systems to heat homes and preheat water heaters.  In addition, he fan tested residences to find energy leaks in order to seal and weatherize homes. 

Transitons Inc. primary focus is on residential applications Mr. Klausing has installed the full line of Solatube and Solar Star products.  He has also installed commercial applications for award winning "Green Buildings".  Installtions have ranged from buildings constructed in the 1840s to new construction.  He has installed Solatube for scores of builders and remodelers and more than 100 systems in patio homes. Installations have included in multiple law offices and in doctors offices over examaning tables.  Most installations are retrofits to existing homes with about a third of them being repeat Solatube customers.  Most customers are for one or two systems to start.  A home in Jeffersonville, IN features ten while one in Lexington hosts 19.  His experience has taken him through three generations of Solatube design upgrades.

Jobs have included situations with no attic access, running systems through a floor and to a lower floor, mounting the lens to the wall as oppossed to the ceiling, underground homes and garages.  No one in this region of the country has installed as many.  He has replaced conventional skylights and multiple brands of other tubular skylight products with Solatube.  Solatube is the original product of it's type and was invention of the year in Australia where it was created.  The systems for your home are manufactured at Solatube International in Vista, CA. USA.  You can order your Solatube and installation through Jim at Transitons Inc.  He is the owner and he is the installer.