Let There Be Light!

What is SOLATUBE┬« ....

Solatube Daylighting System was created in Australia and was invention of the year there.  It is marketed in over 60 countries and is an Energy Star rated product.  It is the original tubular daylighting system. 

Solatube is an innovative way to capture the daylight on your roof and channel it into otherwise dark rooms in your home.  A seamless one piece metal flashing is screw mounted to your roof complete with sealants.  A tube with a mirror image lining is dropped through and into your attic and secured to the flashing.  The tube and flashing are capped by a dome with three patented light capturing features that reflect or bend light down the tube.  The tube passes through your attic and ends at the ceiling of your dark room or area.  At the end point on your ceiling is an attractive lens and stylish dress ring from which a diffused array of glorious sunlight spreads to illuminate your home. 

The Solatube Daylighting System is far more efficient than traditional skylight shafts.  During the course of the day traditional skylights lose over half the potential light as the sunlight moves across the sky.  They give you a patch of light which can heat up a room. With Solatube Daylighting Systems the dome on your roof will always be capturing the available sunlight and channeling it down the highly reflective tube and distributing it evenly throughout the dark area in your home and it does not heat up your room.  And there is no long channel of drywall running up to your roof line.

The Solatube Daylighting System is very compact in design (as small as 10 inches in diameter) for a 100 to 150 sq. ft. area such as a standard size windowless bathroom or a hallway. The 14 inch system is for a 200 to 300sq. ft. area such as a kitchen, family room or dining room. Typical skylight shafts are installed using a contractor, framing materials, drywall, dust, paint, and several days with multiple workers in your home.  Solatube is designed to fit between joists and rafters and other attic obstructions and may be installed in a couple hours by an experienced installer and there are no structural modifications and no mess.  Solatube offers you natural light at lower cost, less mess and the installation is complete to about two hours.  Solatube provides a ten year warranty on all parts and is affordable.